Gold trading 2.0 without limits

We enable our clients to take on a new dimension in their investment and diversification with precious metals
We are different – We are 1irstgold

Goldtrading 2.0

The blockchain has already changed many areas of our life, especially in the financial sector, new options and fintech applications are emerging every day. As an asset class, gold has always been one of the last bastions in which a broad public has invested trust. Unfortunately, the product gold has only little adapted to the new circumstances of our digital world in the past. It is still being secured at high cost and is usually only tradable to a limited extent. In addition, gold in its physical form is also more difficult to transport and is tied to the opening times of merchants and banks.

This is now over, because with 1irstgold we have created gold at a value that is always available to investors. The blockchain creates the appropriate basis and transparency.

Gone are the days of high fees and price differences. Available at any time, tradable at any time.

We are different, we are 1irstgold


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 We recommend downloading the Trust Wallet. The Wallet is available in an Android desktop version, and for iOS and Android based smartphones and tablets for free download. All Ethereum based wallets compatible with an ERC20 standard can be used. The link below, via the Trust Wallet logo, leads you to the corresponding download variants. You have sole control over your property and assets from the beginning.


 Simply switch to our order area and purchase one or more GOLD tokens according to your personal investment criteria.
The tokens purchased from us safely and anonymously in your Security Wallet on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC. No matter where, you always have unlimited access to your tokens and thus to your gold.
A registry by name is not required by law until a purchase of 9,999 euros and also not required for security reasons because all transactions are permanently stored on the Ethereum Blockchain. Theft, storage risks and the resulting costs are completely eliminated. Your security is ensured by a unique electronic signature via email and by the possession of the 1irstgold token.


Wherever and whenever. At any time, you can return your 1irstgold token to us and receive physical gold or the equivalent in FIAT or crypto currency. There are no limits and no limits on the transaction. Up to an amount of 9,999 euros even completely anonymous. For our customers with a purchase volume of 100,000 euros, we dispose of a discreet and competent personal service. We guarantee personal advice and processing within 24 hours in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Other countries will follow up on this service in a timely manner.

Guaranteed without spread

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